MESA was formed in 1981 with a simple idea: to bring new design and artistic sensibilities to landscape architecture, creating a visual language that reflected both nature and local culture to create settings with a strong sense of place. The name “MESA” was originally chosen because it identified our Southwestern roots, relating us to the simple yet powerful landform and is derived from the Spanish word for “table” – which represents our open company culture. Our firm is a place where team members feel free to gather around the table, freely exchanging ideas and solutions.


Forty years later, our company has grown and evolved, becoming more interdisciplinary in order to incorporate the essence and spirit of the land into our projects. Today, MESA is managed by a group of four principals with a wide range of project experience in landscape architecture, planning, and urban design. This allows us to offer our clients the full diversity of our talents, while providing personalized service. The common thread of our experience is the design process we incorporate with every project. It is this process that ultimately sets us apart from our competitors. Our process integrates regional architectural influences, honors the culture and heritage of project sites, and celebrates nature, interweaving natural beauty and human interaction into communities.