MESA’s involvement within our community has been of great importance to the firm. A fundamental theme to our philosophy is bringing together nature and community. Below are a few projects we have contributed our design and planning services to:

Mill City - Dallas, Texas

MESA collectively worked together with the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity and Innercity Community Development (ICDC) to create a vision plan for Dallas’ Mill City neighborhood. Through a series of analysis and community workshops, MESA was able to create a list of catalysts that could address Mill City’s needs. This list can then be provided as an approach to the City of Dallas and community partners.

Mill City
Cornerstone Ranch - North Texas

MESA worked with Dr. LaFerney and Cornerstone Ranch, a special needs community, in order to create a master plan and marketing graphics that will ultimately be used for donor fundraising for a new facility to be constructed in North Texas.

Cornerstone Ranch
Bottom - Dallas, Texas

MESA worked with Texas Heavenly Homes and Hanover Properties to create a unique community-wide master plan for the Bottom neighborhood in South Dallas. The focus of this master plan is to preserve and enhance a sense of community and culture. MESA’s master plan brings focus to the public realm by creating pedestrian friendly streetscapes, community parks and open spaces, and building upon other important community infrastructure. Another priority of this plan is to develop a phase one development strategy that accommodates existing residents in the community while implementing the initial development.

Many individuals in the firm are passionate about giving back to their community and have volunteered their time and expertise in local organizations such as the Lakewood Theater, City of Coppell, Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards, Society for Marketing Professional Services, Kansas State University advisory councils, and American Society of Landscape Architects awards committees.


In addition to community projects, we also have annual collection drives for local organizations. Staff participation ranges from creating designs, offering monetary or gift donations, and volunteer time and labor. MESA has been involved with several organizations benefiting the North Texas Food Bank, American Red Cross, The Bridge, Dallas Chapter American Institute of Architects, Dallas Architecture Forum, Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, Dallas Innercity Community Development, and Toys for Tots.