T. Boone Pickens Hospice Center Design Film

The new T. Boone Pickens Hospice and Palliative Care Center will be the only one of its kind in Texas, bringing innovative and comprehensive approaches of care to patients, their families, and caregivers. MESA provided a holistic master plan that included a site assessment, an in-depth study of layout and proximity between amenities, and procession and transitions between various spaces to enhance the quality of life for patients and visitors. An animated video was created to communicate the potential of the site to multiple stakeholders, as well as serve as a design narrative of the site, allowing the viewer to understand various aspects of the project. The video resulted in multiple benefits for the project including understanding the interplay between the interior building program and exterior experiential zones; influencing design decisions that affected the holistic architecture and site character; and providing promotional material for fundraising and for potential donors to obtain a broad and experiential understanding beyond conventional 2-D methods.


Dallas, Texas

Animated Visualization