Forest Hills Residence

The Forest Hills Residence is located in Texas where shade is greatly valued. The site possesses several mature Pecan trees. Careful attention was taken to preserve and protect the existing trees. The home and associated landscape elements were designed around the tree canopies. Where tree canopy was not present, the Landscape Architect designed trellis structures for the seating spaces. Additional trees were brought in to create an allée along the side of the residence and a filtered view across the front of the home.


The material palette is concrete, metal, IPE wood, black brick, basalt, gravel, and plants. The materials are used to structure the landscape experience. Elegant walls, fence, and trellis structures contain and define spaces. The gravel offers a clean uniformity, texture, and auditory qualities. The plantings are used as elements to support the spatial structure. The bold massings and organic quality shape a dialect with the harder materials.


Texas Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects

2020 Merit Award – Design Constructed


Dallas, Texas